Called to Serve

Called to Serve
Montevideo, Uruguay West

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas from the other side of the world!

Oh my goodness the time is going by so very fast! What is going on? What can I say for this last week? Nothing comes to mind my Wow! It's a good thing that I write in my Journal every day because if not I would forget everything. Right now I am doing good. My birthday was quiet and uneventful. As per usual, ;) so that was that. We had a stake Christmas party thing so that was fun. An Elder from Columbia made me a smoothie from his homeland for my birthday so that was fun. What else, I have a video of fireworks, not ours so don't worry, but our neighbors. Here you can have whatever you want, yes everything is legal here, but I am at least ok with the fireworks. If you have luck, it will be sent to you. It's super hot, so that's not new. I love Elder Draper. Yes it is sad the state of the world, politics plays a huge roll down here. And the people only know what is important to them, the more I talk to the poeple about what is going on, the more I am disgusted with the state of the world. Uruguay I love, but boy oh boy is it in a state of iniquity. I can't spell that word so use your imagination.
Merry Christmas to all, here from the other side of the world. I have revieved the packages and the letters, so thank you a million for them. I will wait till Christmas to read them, so I will have Draper take pictures of me opening them, and I will send them to you next with my new comp. Wow the time is just flying. I love you all so very much. Enjoy every moment of "A Christmas Story: and eggnog, a pumpkin pie, and lasagne and every other delicouseness that is on this God Given Green Earth that does not exist down here. ;) God Bless all and don't forget me down here. If you say you read this, but you sit at home saying to yourselves, oh we need to write him, but I'll do that tomorrow, that is Satan, he is working on all of you to not write me, so be better than Satan!!!! Write
I love you,
Basos and brasos
xxooxxooxxooxxo to everyone!
Elder Brewer
Vaya Con Dios
It's called the Rosedal. This man loved his Wife so much or something, that he made this plaza for her. I think they are dead now, but look it up, its a cool story.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Oh what can I say for these past few days. HOT HOT HOT- oh my good goodness. I have never been so hot before. It's so cool to be here. Last week we got to see Presidente Gonzaloz from the Seventy. We got to meet him, talk with him, 5 zones came down, so I got to see all my friends from Rivera. So I was very happy. We have been working a lot with the menos activos to just get them to go to chuch for Christmas but no one wants to do anything down here. They would rather just stay home. So its been very frustrating these past few weeks. This Friday, my Birthday Cough Cough, we are doing an activity as a stake, we are doing a food from around the world. So we are making food from our home country. We are just going to make brownies, with peanut butter on top, it will be excellent. It's just so hard to get ingredients, but it will be fun. 
I believe it speaks for its self 
It's just a PARROT!! it's whatevs. ;)
Our little Christmas Tree

Monday, December 9, 2013

He's Watching Over Me

Last Friday we were in our weekly actividad that we do in the church. This night, for some reason, was particularly antsy. Something did not feel right in the air but we went anyways. The church is not in our area. We have to cross the ruta 1 to get there. We walked there just fine. During the actividad we were watching a movie "The Mountain of the Lord". We had two investigators there and a member. Then during the movie, we heard a sound that still gives me chills, that whisle that comes before bombs, like in the movies, it was the same sound. We all heard it. We turn our heads to the front of the church, and at that moment the bombito went off, lit up the window and shook the building. We all jumped pretty bad. Then we heard another one, then another one. One right after the next, getting closer and closer, lighting up the tinted windows outside the church. But nothing ever happened to the building. At the end of the movie, the investigator began to cry and said that she felt the spirit so strong, and now this weekend she is getting baptized. Not even the bombs of the haters can stop the work that is being done, because it's God's work. It's a cool story, no? We left the church later that night, we locked the doors, and locked the outside gate, and walked away, nothing touched us, we crossed the worst neighborhood we have at night, being two white boys and we were not touched. So that was cool as well. We went to church that Sunday, and we still had a church standing, it sure is being protected, and so are we.
 Montevideo says hi. ;)
I feel like its a lot like the street to the capital building, so we walked like 20 blocks to get to it. 
 Me at the Congress Building, the Palace of Laws Uruguay Montevideo
light and darkness
Christmas in Montevideo Uruguay 

Monday, December 2, 2013

There's no Thanksgiving in Uruguay?

It's been a while, I am sorry for that, but here is a few basic updates. First, wow!! Yes, our wards split and that has been really good. And something even more awesome that happened that I had no idea at the time, I was asked to play the piano for the conference, so that was fun, yes? Yes- it was. There are only certain songs that I can play, only if I know them or whatever right. So I was asked without warning, I turned to the page, and every song that they had chosen for the sacrament meeting, I knew. I played the songs almost perfectly all of them, the rest hymn we stood and all that jazz, so that was awesome. The man presiding is our area Seventy, Marcelo Chappe. So that was really cool. I am so glad I got that opportunity to play for him. I thought he was part of the stake presidency, but no. ;) So that was that.
The days have been getting nice and toasty, so if you're in your homes freezing, just remember that there are people on the other side of the world that are boiling their brains out. ;) 
Tomorrow should be my last dr. visit, so keep that in your prayers. I would like that very much so ;) I am getting used to my glasses, I like them well enough, until it rains, then it's just a pain in the butt. Oh well. ;)
I can't believe that everyone is growing up so fast. I can't wait till I get to hold you all. 
So long as grandma's house gets built before I get back, lets not have one of these eternal projects that we are known for. 
I pray that thanksgiving went well, and yep, it's not celebrated here, and these people have a holiday for everything, but not Thanksgiving ;( It was good enough, I did not even remember that it was here till it had passed, so I survived, but Christmas is a bit of a different story. So we`ll see what that brings. I'll see if I can't get you all caught up on the whole picture thing. ;) 
I love you all, and I am so very grateful to be serving here, to be a helping hand to my Savior. I am grateful to have you all apart of my family, to have your support through all of this, to know that you love me, and want the very best for me. I am so very grateful for this opportunity that I have to learn so much more about what the Lord would have me learn while I am out here serving. 
God Be with you all till we meet again, 
Vaya Con Dios, 
Elder Brewer

Tourist, Jesus Loves You‏

Me at the Uruguay Montevideo Temple‏

A military Base,‏ If you see in the corner, a guard is coming to tell me stop talking pictures ;)

sometimes I get sleepy‏