Called to Serve

Called to Serve
Montevideo, Uruguay West

Monday, December 9, 2013

He's Watching Over Me

Last Friday we were in our weekly actividad that we do in the church. This night, for some reason, was particularly antsy. Something did not feel right in the air but we went anyways. The church is not in our area. We have to cross the ruta 1 to get there. We walked there just fine. During the actividad we were watching a movie "The Mountain of the Lord". We had two investigators there and a member. Then during the movie, we heard a sound that still gives me chills, that whisle that comes before bombs, like in the movies, it was the same sound. We all heard it. We turn our heads to the front of the church, and at that moment the bombito went off, lit up the window and shook the building. We all jumped pretty bad. Then we heard another one, then another one. One right after the next, getting closer and closer, lighting up the tinted windows outside the church. But nothing ever happened to the building. At the end of the movie, the investigator began to cry and said that she felt the spirit so strong, and now this weekend she is getting baptized. Not even the bombs of the haters can stop the work that is being done, because it's God's work. It's a cool story, no? We left the church later that night, we locked the doors, and locked the outside gate, and walked away, nothing touched us, we crossed the worst neighborhood we have at night, being two white boys and we were not touched. So that was cool as well. We went to church that Sunday, and we still had a church standing, it sure is being protected, and so are we.
 Montevideo says hi. ;)
I feel like its a lot like the street to the capital building, so we walked like 20 blocks to get to it. 
 Me at the Congress Building, the Palace of Laws Uruguay Montevideo
light and darkness
Christmas in Montevideo Uruguay 

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