Called to Serve

Called to Serve
Montevideo, Uruguay West

Monday, September 23, 2013

Searching for the lost

I am doing well, and awesome! Here is a bit of the work that we have been doing out in the vineyard of the Lord. Due to recent changes we have changed our focus from investigators to Menos Activos (less active). We need to double the attendance in the sacrament meeting. With our numbers out in Tranqueras being 15 in the sacrament meeting we need only to get it to 30, but that is a task a mile high. We have done our best looking for Priesthood holders, but all that we have are surly diamonds in the rough, and I mean rough but there is one, and he is who I am really working for. He is a menos activo, he has the Melchizedek Priesthood, he works in Brazil as a crane operator. With a lot of time away he quickly fell away, bringing with him a mistress and a child. After meeting with us a few times he has done all that he can do to come back. He has done all that he needs to be fellowshiped once more. He is now a strong member. He still has not received the Melchizedek, but he is on the way. There are those that have gone far, there are those who have just let go. We need to find all of them. Sometimes going out to find them is difficult, some are hiding under rocks, and won't come out to save there lives. Some have tasted of wonderful fruit and have been ashamed and want no part of anything but we work with them all. I feel like a firefighter, I don't want anyone in the great and spacious building when it falls. I want them all on firm ground by the tree where everyone else will be. My Spanish is now perfect, much much better. I was thinking about this, if I could go back to the CCM with the Spanish I have now, I feel like I could really learn something from the teachers, (sorry I am Uruguayan ) ( a person from Uruguay?) very distracted, and always going off topic. ;) I still  point a lot, and describe things in whatever way I can. At the baptism we had, I could not describe the Holy Ghost really well, so I just said something along the lines of when you do what you are told, when you follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost is very happy with you and he does a little dance.  Then I preceded to do a little dance so that everyone could see. 1, yes it was fun and cute, but that the Holy Ghost really is happy when we follow his whisperings 2. it showed that it is important to be happy. Even when the holy ghost comforts us when we are sad. we can all do a little dance to be a bit happier- since then, the members come up to me and say, "have you been listening to the holy ghost?" and start dancing. It's really cute and I always say SI!! and do my little dance. ;) It's super cute.

Monday, September 16, 2013

More Pictures

 Two places at once, the markers of Brazil and Uruguay.
 some views are worth it ;)
Me at the Temple Uruguay Montevideo.

Monday, September 9, 2013


I love hearing all the new news. I loved the pictures, well I would have if they would have came through. The first one did but the other two did not. So if you would not mind sending those again I would be grateful. I am so excited to hear he is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRECKEN BREWER BLAKE!!!!!!!! I approve, you can tell him he has my approval, even more so if he looks like me. ;) I sent you a picture of me at a family home evening where we were making, yep you guessed it, S'MORES!!!!! Mom sent me the stuff, and man were they good! We are a few weeks late from Labor Day, but it was better than nothing. No one has ever had one, they see it on the movies, but never ate them before. So we are changing lives down here, one s'more at a time. ;) I don't have much time today, but just for an update, I am in Brazil again today. ( yep we are cool Vonda) The branch is struggling, but we are pulling the weeds. I will be sure to add more next week.
Love you tons, give Brecken a big kiss for me.
Elder Brewer
P.S I am going to Montevideo this Thursday for a dr. I will be fine, so don't worry about me. ;)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Tanqueras' First Baptism

So, a little update. ;) I have my new comp, I love him. He is Brazilian and is helping me a ton in both my Spanish and my Portuguese. He speaks English, but I don't talk to him. This past week has been totally hard trying to adjust, showing him where everyone is at, and being senior comp and all that. I am in Rivera right now. We went to Brazil early today, and played a game a futball, which is really just a game to kill the Gringos. We go to Masoller still, I love that. We are meeting totally awesome people and I don't want to leave. My Spanish is coming along, and I have found myself laughing so much more. I understand jokes, and now I am feeling a part of things. I am doing well with the whole new calling.  It is hard, now I feel even more responsible for the people in the rama now. We have been moved from just the president of the Elders Quorum, to counselor in the Branch Presidency, to the president as well. He is having a meeting with the stake president this Wednesday and then he will let us now exactly what we will be over. I am looking forward to it.
I hear that you are all getting big and fat, with babies that is, I am so excited. I  can't wait to see pictures. I still don't know what Kelsie is having , and that is super fun for me. I can't wait till November. I have talked about him/her to all of Tranqueras, so I better get pictures to show. ;)
That's  about all I can think of for now. Thank you for all that you do, and the prayers in my behalf. I hate to be selfish, but I needed them. Don't worry, you are getting your fair share of prayers from my end as well. ;)
Vaya Con Dios,
Elder Brewer
The first picture is the ghetto. We had to leave the church, but it took 6 hours to fill the font and the hot water heater would not stay on by it's self so we used the propane tank, and two primary chairs to keep the button pushed in.;)
Me and Camila and Elder Lamb and Gricelda 
Me posing as usual on the roof in Rivera Uruguay ;)