Called to Serve

Called to Serve
Montevideo, Uruguay West

Monday, June 17, 2013

First Week in Uruguay

Well I have tons of pictures but this computer is retarded so, sorry. I am happy to hear it's getting warmer; here, its getting colder :) But I like it. I am in a logging town, literaly just down the Street is a log mill, one of those old ones. No use of new equipment or anything like that, very classic. I like it, hundreds of acres of trees are planted in straight rows, and every 5 years or so, they go and cut them all down for lumber. So they have thousands of acres of trees at diffrent stages, so it is really cool to see, both up close and from a distance. There is a STHIL shop here, so grandpa and dad would like that. Tons of CAT equipment as well. I truely am at home here. My comp is Elder Lamb from Canada. He is really young, he is only 7 months in the mission. Him and one other are the youngest trainers. It makes it hard for them and for us. He dose not know what he is doing, nor do i, so yeah ;) Living arrangements are somewhat sad, very humble. I have pictures but you will have to wait till next week when I go to Rivera.  Now the new experiences. I am about an hour from the stake center. The stake center is in Rivera. So every Tuesday we have to go there for district meetings. But for P-days we go down there on Monday, stay the night and go to the meeting the next day then come back home. So in Rivera, you can go into Brazil. We go shopping there, and eating, and it is awesome. I have pictures but alas they won't work. So just picture me in Brazil. So on this mission I got to go to tres countries!!!aaawesome! no? But we stayed in town this week. There are lessons that we miss on Monday nights, so we stayed for them.
I can't wait to see all my new cousins y sabrinos! This is just so awesome, so long as a new brother in law is not in the picture right now, I will be ok with new cousins only ;)
Thank you for the letters they do truly help.- I emailed grama and grandpa, I wonder if they got it.
Love you tons! and I can't wait to see everyone in 22 months!
Elder Brewer

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