Called to Serve

Called to Serve
Montevideo, Uruguay West

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween and Playing the Piano

Oh what a time its been here in Deo. I am learning to love my area, to love the people. I live barro las torras which  sounds awesome until you find out what kind of torras.  They are electrical torras so yeah, but it's fun I am getting used to it. I know the city buses now, so that's awesome. Because of all the dr's that I have been to, i know a lot of down town. We were supposed to go today to cuidad viajia again but we have zone conference tomorrow so we were practicing in the church for our musical number. I have to play "There is a Green Hill Far Away" and "Abide With Me Tis Even Tide". I have to play as they sing the first song, then I have to play the second song as a solo. Because I can't read music they want me to play it however I want to, a remix of sorts. It sounded really good today. I have been playing for the wards I have been in since I have been here. I have got much better at the hymns so grandma should be happy about that. ;)
Halloween was pretty scary here, our area is already pretty bad, now give the whole country a reason to go crazy, drugs,  devil worship, and whatnot make it a bit scary to go on the streets. Besides stupid people thinking they are cool with the Smart A comments nothing too bad happened. I count my many blessings.;) 
Yes I can now say as well that I have tried more parts of the animal that should not be eaten. the stomach, intestines, brain, and now the blood. Blood sausages are totally gross!!!!! Well, no it tasted fine, really kind of good, I just could not down the fact that it was blood so yeah, but I did try. So far there is nothing that i have rejected since being here, so that's a miracle! ;) 
I am doing really well, letters have been lacking, so have pictures from everyone. Don't you people be forgetting about me. ;) 
I miss you all, I hope you miss me, if you do show it ;) 
I love you, and thank you for all that you are doing, I feel your prayers and they are really needed, so thank you for them.
Vaya con Dios
√Člder Brewer
 I love Facundo!
 The "Star" the Sun for Nelson Mandela

Alfajores Grandes!!

Elder Draper and I, Having an Asado

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