Called to Serve

Called to Serve
Montevideo, Uruguay West

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lessons Learned

Oh, wow that is a medically fielded year. I pray that it gets better for you all. Cynthia looks so big!!
I can't wait to see all the new family that is waiting for me to get there.
This is Changes week and me and Elder Draper are staying together for another change. I am ok with that I guess. It just means that most likely I won't be leaving this area until Febuary and that is a long stretch. Oh well it will be ok. This change we get to call home!!! So I am counting the days for that. Las Torres is still Las Torres- we got the news yesterday that they are going to combine our ward with Cerro 1 who we share a building with. The two wards hate each other, on Sunday in ward counsel it was made quite clear where everyone stood on the subject. We have 4 missionaries in our ward, and 1 set in cerro 1 so now there will be 6 and our area is huge!! But it's all good- more places to know and become familiar with. Last week we went to Cuidad Viaja, and on the way back I was kind of leading the people, cause I knew (or thought I knew where to go) the busses to take and the streets that would lead us back to central to take a bus back to our area. The whole day was awesome. We had California Burrito and Buger King. Boy howdie is it expensive and now I understand the blessing that we have of free refills. 
I am trying to keep myself safe- it's hard when everyone around you tries to tare down your confidence, or sense of self security. You have to constantly be judging people, who is sketchy or who is ok. The saddest thing I have ever seen is the issue with the trash cans. Trashcans are like public markets. It's a free for all. I have seen everyone is the trashcans, from old old old people, to babies just learning to walk. There is always something in the trash that they can use to better their life a little. A senior couple told us that if we are throuwing away food, put it in a bag and hang it on the edge of the trash can so that they don't have to dig for it. The sad part is when you do that, not 2 minutes go by and the bag is gone. The things this mission teaches us, wow. We went to the fortalcia today. It's the famous light house here in Uruguay. It's nothing too grand, it was closed today so we could not go in, but we took pictures. 
I pray that all is well with everyone, in cualquier lugar. sé que estoy orando para ustedes, espero que ustedes son orando para mi. puedo sentir la amar que tu tenes para mi, y por esto, muchísimo gracias! Estoy muy agradecidos para tener la compañero que tengo ahora. El es un hermano para mi. gracies por todo.
Vaya Con Dios. y Quédense
Elder Brewer 
 Me and Draper in Ciudad Viaja
They are guards like in London, that can't move or say anything. This is at the Grave of Artigas. He is like George Washington here.

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