Called to Serve

Called to Serve
Montevideo, Uruguay West

Thursday, February 13, 2014

No transfer this time

Oh how I love my Family.
God is good and he answers prayers. I cannot doubt that in the least. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have sent me, I needed every word. I needed that hope to keep going forward. I hit rock bottom this whole change, I have never struggled so much as I have this past change. It took all I had to get to this, the end of this change. Sunday was to be my goodbye Sunday, but on the way to the church, we got a text message for our changes, and you can imagine the surprise that comes to me when I read that  we stay together for another change. I was first mad, then infuriated, then I just gave up. But God is merciful. In Elders Quarom, which is the first hour down here, the opening song was Come Come ye Saints. I just started bawling during the second verse. I don't care what you call me Rudger, I was not in the mode in that moment. ;) Then during gospel principles, which is the second hour, we watched Jesus the Christ, which only added to the tears. Then the Mexican came, yes he is Mexican. It's amazing what a mission can do. But Elder Ignacio Juarez came to my aid. I have been with him since he started the mission here in this same area 18 weeks ago. He was my confidant when Draper left, he is still my everything while I am here, so I was glad that I had him. Then came sacrament meeting, I could not play to save my life. I even picked easy songs. The song for the sacrament I was ahead a whole verse, I stopped playing, and they kept singing, and I was like what! That just made me more tired. Then Juarez came and gave me a note, because he thought he was leaving, so he wrote me a note, which only added to my tears. But long story short, I was done, I could not keep going on. I came home, I began to pack to go home, I had reached a low that I did not feel I could get out. I tried several times to get a hold of president but he would not answer, so I was like fine. I woke Sunday, then Monday. Monday night I was in a lesson with one of our investigators, she was so very happy that I was still here, we had such a good lesson with her. I was overcome with such a peace, Mosiah 24:15. God did not remove the challenges, but he did remove the weight, and that is what God has done for me as of now. "Why should we morn or think our lot is hard, tis not so, ALL IS RIGHT." Why should we think to earn a great reward if we now shun the fight? We cannot. So now it's Tuesday, we have another change together. Juarez is still here, he is not going either. Since the day I left, there has always been someone, if not my Comp with whom I am very good friends with, what a blessing that is Elder Nelson, then Clark, then  Draper, and now a Mexican. ;)  I will have a place to vacation when I get home. ;) 

I fasted for rain for you guys, but maybe I asked for it wrong in Spanish.  ;) These past two weeks we have been swimming. We have received so much flooding. Our house is practically under water, our nighborhood was stopped. Cars were pushed off the side of the road into ditches because of the current. We left Friday and did tons of service. We have one less active memeber, who just..... I can't even write it, I cry, but her sewer broke, then flooded, then with the rain it flooded her back yard, then entered her house. I just began to cry, just thkinking about it, ....... entonces I hope you get some of this rain before too long. Others got it way worst than us, but we take what we are given. It's stroming again, I have  not been dry for days! Oh well such is the life. ;) We had to hang our laudry in our house. I will send you pictures, and a video if i can. ;) 
I love you all so very much. I beg of you, don't hesitate in any prompting of the spirit. It kills to hear people say ( not just you, but in general ) oh I have been thinking about you for so long, but I never find time to say anything. That feeling is God saying, hey! I need an Angel, who will be willing to listen to me, and be a instrument in my hands to help me. 

I love you all so very much,. Thank you for everything, 
Vayan Con Dios Siempre ;) 
Con todo mi Corazón,
Elder Brewer
 Some flooding
 Elder Juarez, from Mexico

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