Called to Serve

Called to Serve
Montevideo, Uruguay West

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Argentina MTC, aka CCM

Ok I don't have time to read anything so they let us print it out so I will read it when I print it. So I am here in Argentina, I love it here. The plane was a bit more stressfull then I wanted it to be. The keyboard is diffrent hear so if I misspell I'm sorry. I am settled in very nicely. Me and an Elder Brown from Utah are in the same district and we both struggle with Spanish so me and him are best friends. My compamion is Elder Watkins. He is from Nevada, and he is the district leader. I am the senior companero, so there is a bit of a power struggle between us. The CCM is what they call the MTC so I will as well. It is really, really small. It's really like a private school. There are only 80 of us here; 45 whites or Americans and 35 Latins. This is the first time in histroy that there as been this much of an outnumbering. My spanish is really bad, but I am working on it. I can say a prayer and now and I am learning how to translate what I want to say in a lesson into Spanish. The first day I got my companion, we were given a investigator, and had to teach them. I think I scared my companion I was crying because I was so frustrated at the fact that I can't speak what I want to. I dont like the no freedom bit; I have this companion next to me 24/7 and I am trying to get used to it. BIt he is awesome so I guess I can't complain too much. Everything is in Spanish here. I have yet to get rid of my headache that I have had since I arrived. We got to go to the temple so that was awesome. It is so beautiful. The temple is right outside my window, not 100ft away, so that is really awesome. During actividad, I run with Elder Nelson, Marys friend I was talking about. So we get to run around the temple and play volleyball and no one say anthing about it. It's like we are in an army and this is our HQ, wierd analogy but you get it.
Well I will talk about the food. It's better then alot of things, but way worse than everything else. The day I arrived it was hot I am tired and they had me a HOTTT bowl of soup. It took all I could to just say thank you. WE can HAVE SODA!! So I am happy on that end; we have had horse, cow stomach, and like horse intestine or something. I thought it was an egg, but no, no it was not an egg. I have two Latin companions who are from Chile, Elder Escubar and Elder Scotti, they are awesome. They help me with my spanish, and are very humble people, they leave in 4 days so we well get new Latins every 2 weeks. The Americans only come in every 6 weeks, so the group we have now is this American group. I like 90% of them so that is all good.
I miss everyone so so much, one hermana had a really hard time yesterday and me and my companero gave her a blessing, so that was awesome. I am glad that I am not that bad, I miss you all, but not to the point of not functioning. Being here I have learned that so many things don't matter; so many things are just unimportant. Only when I focus souly on what I need to do will I ever get things done.
I am about out of my time. Next weekend I get to go to  Buenos Aires to prosolote on Saturday, so pray for me, that day I might not get shot.
I love you so very much! please know that! I miss the trees, the mountains, the pond and yes the animals. I miss you and pray for you, please pray for me!
Till next Thursday,
Vaya con Dios!
Elder Brewer

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